If I want to join Study Abroad Programme @ USM, can I enter Malaysia using visitor pass?

No, you can't. All students must apply a Single Entry Permit prior to their arrival.

Can I join the Study Abroad Programme @ USM even though my home institution is not a partner university to USM?

Yes you can. However, you are entitled to pay full fees for the programme.

How can I apply for students' accommodation?

International exchange students: please contact USM International Office. Full time international students: please contact Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) or PETAS. You can either stay on campus (students' hostel) or off campus (normally in a private apartment). Student hostels cost from MYR 4 - 13/ day. Private apartment on the other hand, cost MYR 1400 - 1800/ month (fully furnished). Utility are free at the students' hostels but not in the private apartment.

Do all the courses in USM are taught in English?

No it doesn't. Around 85% of courses are taught in English. All Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Arts, Applied Science courses are taught in English except courses from the School of Education and Humanities. However, the School of Education and Humanities do offer a few English courses for international exchange students. Please refer to the list of courses in 'Service' page. Kindly be informed that postgraduate courses are not offered to undergraduate students.

Do I need vaccines to enter Malaysia?

We do advice you to take some vaccinations such as chicken pox, influenza etc.

What if medical checkup in my country is expensive, can I do it in Malaysia instead?

Yes you can! Basic check up cost from MYR 130. You can conduct your health examination at USM Health Center.

Do Malaysians speak English?

Yes we do. In fact 80% Malaysians can speaks English. You can easily speak English while buying food, tickets, or even to bargain for a better price. Try your luck!

Is Malaysia an Islamic country?

Yes it is. Malaysia has more than 65% Muslim worshipers and most importantly we are not extremists. Malaysia consists of 4 main religions which is Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity that live peacefully together in the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

What is the currency of Malaysia?

We use Malaysian Ringgit (RM) or (MYR). 1 USD equals to MYR 3.40 and 1 Euro equals to MYR 4.45. With 2 Euros, you can get a set of meal at McDonald's. One bottle of water cost MYR 1 or 0.30 USD.

How much is the expected cost of living in Malaysia?

On average students spend around MYR 10-15 for their daily meals, MYR 50 for mobile and internet fee, MYR 120 student hostel fee, MYR 50 for transportation.

Do Malaysians live on a tree?

Yes we do. We called it apartments, condominiums or KLCC.

Is it OK to bring family members and stay with me during my stay is Malaysia as a USM student?

NO: for students under Study Broad programme. Your dependent have to leave Malaysia once his/her visitor pass expired.

YES: for full time students. You can apply dependent pass at USM International Office once you arrived in USM.

Does USM offer airport pick up?

International Exchange Students: 4 days period before orientation week in every semester arranged by USM International Office. Full time students: Please arrange with IPS or Admission Office of USM

Is USM a disable friendly campus?

Not all buildings provide facilities for disable students. However, the faculty members will try their best to assist students with special needs. USM do provide electric wheelchair rental for students that are in need.