Volunteerism Spirit


Afiq, 22 : Management, 3rd year

My name is Muhammmad Nor Afiq Bin Mohd Shukri. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Penang. I’m 3rd year of Management course in USM and majoring in International Business. What motivates me to join Buddies is the spirit of volunteerism and I got to be one of the ambassadors for USM and Malaysia. Joining Buddies really taught me to be more confident and learn to interact with other peoples especially the exchange student. I got to know lots of friend from different country. Before I joined Buddies, the things that totally different about me is my personality. I’m quite introvert before, but after joining and experiencing every single activity that have been organized, I’m being more extrovert person and confident about myself. And joining Buddies is like you getting new family. It is really blessed to be surrounded by people who very care about you. By joining this organization, I learnt how to be a good ambassador for Malaysia and USM. Giving a good impression for exchange student is quite difficult for me at first, but I learnt a lot in Buddies. As one of Buddies, we don’t really care what races, religions or ideology you are. We are totally same and equal from each other. Every single person will help each other to make the Exchange student enjoyed living in Malaysia and USM especially. We feel the happiness from the exchange student’s happiness. They enjoyed, we enjoyed. If they love the life experience in Penang, I would be satisfied enough. It is going to be great memory for them about USM, Penang and Malaysia. Once you be a Buddies, you always be a Buddies.

Improvised Life

Mel, 21 : Language, Literacies & Translation, 2nd year
Nur Diana Melissa, 21, 2nd year student of School of Languages, Literacies and Translation. Being in Buddies for almost 2 years now, I have never expected to experience such joy with every single one of them. Where I hope to find friends in Buddies, I have found a family instead with them. When I first joined Buddies, the only thing I wanted to know was how to adapt to University life and what Uni life is all about. But it proves to teach me much more than that. Through this organisation, I have learned how to improvise my technical skill, communication skill, friendship values, different points of view and much more. Basically every aspects in my life have improved tremendously. Cultural diversities, uniqueness of every language and the beauty of various skin colours are the things I hope will be embraced by all, starting from USM students. I wish others could join us too and experience themselves the superb things that we have experienced. It is a student-centred organisation. It’s all about us and how we work in the organisation is what really counts!

Bonded Relationship

Visha, 23 : Humanities, 3rd year

Buddies – A Place Where I Belong Two years ago as a freshman in USM, I came in like a blank slate not knowing why I was sent here and what my purpose is. I kept writing letters to a friend saying, “I don’t know my reason for existing here and I need to find it soon or university will be a miserable place!” I heard about Buddies from a senior and I decided to give it a go. It felt good that I familiarised myself in the International Office with both staff and other student buddies. As years passed me by, school became busier and I questioned my purpose of staying in  Buddies. Honestly, my drive to stay in Buddies is not just the strong bond that ties us together, but also because I really like what we do for the international students as a team. The international students looks at us as tough we’re family and that was when it really occurred to me, family stays together no matter what, you don’t just leave a family. I really want to show the International Students that bonds can be created between people in a short period of time can stay that way for a very long time in one’s life. I may have other commitments and responsibilities but I have a family which I can always turn to here in Buddies. That is a gift not everyone is granted with when they enter university.

Priceless Experiences

Ben Cutler, 23 : English for Professionals, 2nd year

One of the main influences for me to join Buddies came in the form of not knowing anyone at USM. When I first I arrived in USM, I was told nothing and just sent to my hostel room; this was the case since I had arrived after the orientation. In the following weeks, I slowly discovered more of the things about USM; for instance, what food was good, the Penang Rapid bus system, as well as the USM bus system. I joined Buddies in hopes that they might provide the key to prevent this from happening to other exchange or international students who arrive late. When I first joined, I was impressed by how friendly the Buddies were to me; they were very accepting and began to help me get more familiar with USM. I can say that after being a Buddy for two years, I have gained so much job related experience; pertaining to the formation of international teams, project management, as well as working through language and cultural barriers. More importantly, I have met very many nice people and even made a few close friends through Buddies. 

Contribution for Communities

James Teoh, 23 : Management, 3rd year

Hey I my name is James Teoh and I am from Selangor. I have join buddies 2 years already since the year 2012 and I am still excited about it as the years goes by. I am very excited to join buddies because it gives me the opportunity to meet people around the world and I am able to help them while they are in Malaysia. Buddies have given me a lot of exposure and it actually enhance my leadership skill. I want to join buddies because this is something that I can give back to the community and it requires sincerity and evangelism . I hope that in the future, the community in USM will know more about student buddies and what we actually do  to help the exchange student in USM.I hope I can contribute more to buddies society and the USM community even more by coming out with more events that will attract not only exchange students but also the local student from USM as well. Thank you 

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