Best Hospitality

Ping Ping, 20 Thailand

My name is Ploenware Sae-lim. My nickname is Ping Ping, 20 years old from Thailand. From my experience USM was taking a good care of me and my friends during our exchange student life. I had a lot of opportunities to learn many new thing that I never learn before. I learnt to study Malay language and how to cook Malay foods. The great memories that I will never forget was spending a short time in home stay. Furthermore I had an opportunity to know many new friends from various countries. USM is such a good place for sharing your experience ,exchange culture, find new friends and practice English. USM gave me a lot of good experience, knowledge, friendship and memories. Every picture of smiles, every time of happiness., every event and activity I had joined, and every good things during my exchange student life in USM, I will never forgot and it still on my mine. I'm really glad that I was studying as an exchange student in USM.